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     The best salsa and mexican food in town.


Del Mar

Del Mar

Camarones Diablos
Shish-Ka-Bob with (6) Large Grilled Shrimp stuffed with Jalapeno, Monterrey Jack Cheese wrapped in Bacon & Charbroiled Seasoning, served with Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Rice, Charro Beans & Tortillas 17.99

Camarones A La Plancha
(6) Large Shrimp served with Grilled Onions & Bell Pepper, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Rice, Charro Beans & Tortillas 13.99

Shrimp Cocktail
Shrimp mixed in Shrimp Cocktail Sauce with chopped Avocado Slices & Pico de Gallo, served with crackers 11.99

Pescado Acapulco
Grilled Catfish topped with our Chef Special House Sauce & (2) Shrimp served on a bed of Rice with Spanish & Charro Beans 15.49

Fish Tacos
(3) Flour or Corn Tortillas filled with diced or Grilled Catfish, served with Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, Rice & Charro Beans 12.49

Pescado Vallarta
Grilled Catfish Filet & Bed of Rice, French Fries & Salad, topped with (3) Grilled Shrimp 14.99

Chicken Diablos/Beef Diablos

Camarones Empanizados
Six Golded Fried Shrimp, French fries, lettuce, tomatoes * tartar sauce 9.99

Pescado Empanizado
Fried Fillet, French fries, lettuce, tomatoes, sliced avacado & rice 10.99

Note: Shredded Chicken may contain bones.

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